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At 28 years old, I became a millionaire,

not as a drug dealer, but as an entrepreneur.

And believe me, cocaïne is nothing compared to a web startup.

Hopefully, I've always been more attracted by freedom than money.
So I quit my shareholders fired me from my own startup.
And instead of a Porsche to drive, I purchased a van to live.

Since 296 days, I ride all over Europe and work remotely.
My new office got 4 wheels, a solar power plant on the roof,
and a computer connected to the world.

I still can't tell you exactly what I am working on.
But it's gonna be big.
A real bomb.

Alexandre Chartier

Meet my Curriculum Vitae.


3 companies founded
Front page of The NY Times
15 awards
1 Ted talk

World discovery

32 countries visited
15 months backpacking
Hitchhike Paris->Istanbul
Self sufficient hike in Iceland

Current hobbies

Kitesurf intensive practice
Preparing a plane license
Playing Harmonica
Learning portuguese

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Ilha de Faro
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Bom dia #portimao


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